8 Therapeutic Benefits of Adult Coloring

Coloring books are mainly an activity associated with children, yet they are not only useful for keeping children occupied. Coloring pages and coloring books for adults are also extremely therapeutic while, at the same time, generate quietness, wellness, mindfulness, and precisely the same benefits that meditation can bring to increase brain function. It comes as no surprise that apps for adult coloring along with adult-coloring printables offline and online have grown in popularity. These types of creative activities can be compared to Nirvana for the souls of adults.

One of the more popular activities includes coloring pages that come with mandalas made for adults. The mandalas are representations and patterns that are symmetrical, which originate from India. When adults color repetitive patterns, they experience mindfulness, which helps them to reach a meditative state. This is proven in many scientific studies. With a multitude of therapeutic benefits linked to adult coloring pages, there are so many reasons to give this a try.

1Helps Drive Stress Away

Carl Jung was the earliest of the scientists to study therapeutic benefits linked to adult coloring pages. He studied the coloring of mandalas as far back as the 1st part of the 20th century. Studies have shown that coloring mandalas are a great technique that can help relieve stress. He frequently used the mandalas, which contain geometrical patterns and concentric circles, for his patients and discovered that it assisted them in experiencing less stress and becoming calmer.

2Reduce Anxiety Problems

One of the mental conditions known as anxiety, which is very common, currently affects hundreds of adults across the globe. Panic attacks and anxiety can result in a number of symptoms, which include death, nausea, excessive worry, chills, headaches, insomnia, fever, etc. In the way of incorporating adult coloring pages, therapists can assist in calming down and relaxing their patients. These artistic expressions encourage the patients to progress into relaxed states, which makes other therapy forms more effective. As discovered by research and studies, coloring books and pages for adults is effective to use as a prelude when it comes to conventional or regular treatment options for a variety of mental disorders.

3Sparks Your Creativity

A stand-out advantage of adult coloring books is the fact that it assists in igniting creativity that adults carry on to experience in many other facets of their lives. The adults that regularly color often discover that they improve their choices when it comes to choosing colors for interiors, their clothes, and more. Coloring pages and books also assist many people in becoming more creative in association with their jobs, improvements with activities that involve analytical thinking, along with many other aspects linked to play and work.

4Activates The Brain's Hemispheres

Coloring involves your creativity and logic. But know that when you are using logic to choose a particular color for the pattern or shape of the page, you are activating an analytical portion inside the brain. At the same time, however, when you decide to change up the colors, you are switching to your brain's creative side. This assists with incorporating both sides of your cerebral cortex that controls vision and helps with coordination along with fine-motor skills.

5Reconnects Adults To Their Childhood

When adults color in, they are transported to the days of their childhood, which were stress-free. Getting these happy memories back assists the individual to relax. It often also helps to provide feelings of energy and optimism about the future.

Inner Child Healing therapy has become a widely used technique for adults that are disturbed and are usually very hard on themselves. As adults, we often discover specific areas in our lives that need work, and all these areas happen to be connected to particular issues that are carried forward from the past. When you find a way to reconnect with your inner child, which is a child that is full of love and innocence, you can improve and heal. Inner Child Healing is focused on breaking negative thought patterns and assists you in finding a way to love yourself unconditionally. This can result in helping you to become a better version of yourself - a radiant and confident person who can face the world free from fear.

6An Excellent Alternative For Meditation

Meditation is explained as the art of actually doing “nothing” and also an art of “de-concentrating,” which assists with reducing and relaxing the excessive chatter inside a mind that is restless. While many people find it a difficult task to meditate, the adult coloring books and pages can assist with inducing this meditative state a lot easier. It is one of the reasons why so many publishers based in the USA, France, and the UK decided to use coloring books dedicated to adults. The mandalas are particularly relaxing because the coloring associated with round-and-round of concentric circles and patterns of the ancient designs work on relaxing the mind while making the individual more mindful. It also assists a person to stay focused on present moments, very similar to meditation.

7A Good Way To Self Rediscovery

Many adults often find that they become stuck in a cycle of trying to manage family, housework, jobs, etc. Coloring pages greatly help many adults to escape from these routines, making them feel more relaxed and comfortable after a long and hard day. These activities can also assist adults with their thoughts. Many adults manage to rediscover themselves when using coloring pages offline or online. Today, there are several downloadable free printables or coloring apps that will help you to truly relax with these wonderful activities when your day comes to an end.

8An Effective Therapy For Epilepsy

Coloring pages and books are ideal for adult patients, especially for those suffering from health problems like epilepsy. Here is an example of a 38-year epileptic from Stockbridge, Georgia that suffered many limitations due to her condition. Since she started to color in, she has found it far easier to relax and calm down, which has helped to alleviate her epileptic attacks. She experiences extremely jerky hand movements, which made it hard to grasp a pencil or pen for drawing. By utilizing coloring pages and books, she now enjoys these activities again.

Some studies, along with research, acknowledge the therapeutic qualities and benefits of this art. Today, this form of art-therapy is commonly used to assist people that suffer from many different conditions, both physical and mental. The benefits mentioned in this post are just the tip of the iceberg of the great things possible through adult coloring pages and books.

Vicki Carballo

Vicki Carballo is a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a grad school student. Between studying and exams, the stress can become very troublesome, but through Grace, Vicki found coloring books to be a viable solution for decompressing.