7 More Reasons To Enjoy Mandala Coloring

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for center or circle. Mandalas are spiritual symbols used in Hinduism and Buddhism to depict the universe. The concentric circles in mandalas grow outward to represent the fullness and harmony with the mind and the universe. People practice coloring mandalas as a way to calm the nervous system, promote relaxation and qi, as well as invoke positive energies. In other words, mandala coloring provides an effective way to induce mental calmness.

1It Relieves Stress

Juggling between family and work can be and is a daunting task for many people today; many have to deal with financial worries, work-related stress, family drama, and other issues every day. This puts a lot of strain on your brain and mental health; we, however, shouldn’t take mental health for granted, which is why you need to look for ways to relieve such pressures and stress. Mandala coloring provides an excellent way to reduce mental exhaustion by calming brain cells. Coloring mandalas require peace and attentiveness to be able to color the circular patterns properly; doing this helps to enhance your concentration since both sides of the brain are used while coloring. The enhanced concentration means you get to forget about any stressors, hence reducing anxiety and stress relief.

2It Invigorates The Brain

Coloring mandala apps and books help refresh and rejuvenate brain cells as well. The exercise takes both brain hemispheres for one to be able to stay focused. Both regions have to work hand in hand and in a balanced way to make the activity a success. The books and apps are intricately designed to help the brain choose the best color for each page. This means the creative and analytical parts of the brain have to work together, a factor that helps refine motor skills, enhances problem-solving skills, and amplifies our inner strength.

3It Helps Spark Creativity

Creativity is one of the key requirements with mandala coloring books and apps. This means the brain has to rediscover its creative part of producing an impressive piece. According to research, adults that engage in mandala coloring can rediscover their creative self, hence can implement the acquired ideas in their lives. Coloring regularly enables one to pick great designs as well as color them creatively.

4A Fun Alternative To Meditation

Most people join yoga classes and meditate for one reason - to be able to achieve mental peace and balance. Psychological studies show that coloring mandalas have almost similar effects on your brain as meditation. The patterns and shapes of mandala designs demand deep engagement, a factor that helps your mind disconnect from stress and feelings of anxiety, hence creating room to acquire positive thoughts.

5It Reconnects You To Your Inner Child

Some adults suffer from 'self-bitterness,' which makes them hard on themselves. Inner child healing therapy is recommended for such as it helps break the ingrained negative thinking patterns. Coloring mandala pages also help one reconnect with his/her inner child, disengaging them from the negative thoughts. The more one is exposed to mandala coloring, the more he/she improves, making it possible to start loving and appreciating themselves. Mandala coloring helps them face any challenges in life by boosting their self-confidence.

6It Provides A Therapeutic Effect

Mandala coloring apps and books also provide an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. Many believe that coloring mandalas have a healing power that helps people break off from negative thoughts. Commonly referred to as 'sacred circles,' mandalas are considered to have a recuperative effect on the brain.

7Enhances The Immune System

Mandala coloring helps boost your immune system as well. These patterns are believed to represent the cosmos metaphysically. This is because they help induce a state of mental calmness; hence, it can be used as a healing tool for those suffering from stress and anxiety. With stress taken care of, you can be assured of improved immunity, better sleep, and enhanced concentration.

The intricate geometric patterns of mandalas are slowly being adopted in many adult coloring apps and books today. This is thanks to the therapeutic benefits that come with coloring mandalas. Although it may seem like an insignificant activity to some, coloring mandala provides numerous benefits to both your mind and body.

Grace Jackson

Grace Jackson is a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a high school teacher. She owns many coloring books and loaned her friend Vicki a few after convincing her to give them a try. Now, the only problem is getting her to grab her own!